Friday, February 26, 2021

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Why employees hesitate to speak up at work — and how to encourage them

Kyle Brykman, University of Windsor and Jana Raver, Queen's University, Ontario Imagine this: You notice a problem that might be disastrous for your company’s reputation,...

Cancer patients in Ontario pay more out of pocket compared to other provinces

By: Yona Harvey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter A cancer diagnosis for an Ontario resident has a significantly higher price tag and out-of-pocket expenses than residents...

Polson Park Public School investigating possible COVID-19 case

On Wednesday, the Limestone District School Board advised that there is a potential case of COVID-19 at Polson Park Public School. As a result,...

St. Lawrence College to continue alternate delivery model into Spring/Summer 2021

In a press release on Wednesday, St. Lawrence College confirmed its plans to carry out its Spring/summer 2021 program delivery via a combination of...

The robot revolution is here: How it’s changing jobs and businesses in Canada

Joshua A. Marshall, Queen's University, Ontario In 2017, I returned to Canada from Sweden, where I had spent a year working on automation in mining....

Just an acquaintance? What we’ve missed as the pandemic robs us of our ‘non-friends’

Rhonda Starkman had a lot of “non-friends” in her life.  The 57-year-old Toronto woman has lived alone for a number of years, but her social...

EOHU region returns to Orange-Restrict

By: Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter SOUTH DUNDAS – Businesses across Eastern Ontario reopened February 16th when the provincial Stay-at-Home order expired.  The Eastern Ontario...

COVID-19 illustrates why Canada needs more — and better — public banks

David McDonald, Queen's University, Ontario and Thomas Marois, UCL Most Canadians could be forgiven for not knowing what a public bank is. We do have...