On Saturday, the Limestone District School Board confirmed that a positive covid-19 case had been found at Sir. John A Macdonald Public School. The person has been notified and is self isolating at home.

Within minutes of being informed, the LDSB issued an email to parents of students who had been confirmed as a close contact. If the student was identified as a close contact, their parents received an email stating “A positive case of COVID-19 has identified in a person at Ecole Sir John A. Macdonald and belongs to one of your students cohorts.”

The parents were asked to ensure that the student self-isolates until further instruction is given by KFL&A Public Heath. “Please DO NOT bring your student for testing if they DO NOT have symptoms,” the statement said.

Students who were not exposed were also sent a letter.

“Please note that if you are receiving this letter, the positive COVID-19 case was NOT identified in your students’ classroom/cohort,” the letter said. A school cohort includes those who may have been on school buses.

In order to determine if a student has been exposed, the individual would have had to have been in the same room as the positive for 15 minutes or longer.

YGK News spoke to a parent at the school, who said that the “school board should be commended for their swift and clear response.”

“The school will clean and disinfect all areas in the school where the individual may have been, and will work with KFL&A Public Health to develop a plan to protect all members of the school community to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” the statement said.

KFL&A Public heath is also reporting 4 new cases today, bringing the active case total to 26. The cases include 2 females under 19, 1 male under 19, 1 male between 20-29. All from close contact exposure. 20 of the 26 cases are linked to Queen’s University.

Please note that this is a developing story.

Letters were sent indicating possible exposure or no exposure

The letter that was sent to parents who had a child that may have been exposed
A letter for a student who had not been exposed to covid-19.

Note: We previously stated that the confirmed case was a student, this has not been confirmed. We regret this error.