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T.Kettle to launch out of shuttered DavidsTea store in Kingston

Canadian Entrepreneur Doug Putman has purchased 45 former DavidsTea locations and is launching a new chain called T.Kettle. Putman is currently the owner of Sunrise records and bought out the HMV chain in 2019. The chain will have about 250 employees when they open, which is expected to happen throughout the month of November.

T. Kettle has announced that it will be opening one of its locations out of Kingston’s Cataraqui Centre, where the former DavidsTea once stood. 

“We are pleased to announce that T. Kettle will be opening soon at Cataraqui Centre!” Cataraqui Centre said in an Instagram post.  “T. Kettle offers a large, premium assortment of original and new loose-leaf tea blends naturally sourced, certified vegan, kosher, and organic yielding rich flavours. Enjoy favourite, premium flavours on the go or bring home for sharing with family and friends.”

Currently, the Cataraqui Centre’s T.Kettle is hiring a Store Manager and a Teaologist. 

This isn’t the first time Putman has tried to resuscitate an insolvent Company. He purchased Sunrise Records in 2014 and in 2019, Putman purchased the HMV chain which was insolvent at the time. 

“When we found that they were filing for bankruptcy we were thinking about it, and then when they said they were closing all their stores, I started reaching out to landlords,” Putman said to CBC News in a recent interview.

The Cataraqui Centre location is one of two former DavidsTea locations in Kingston. There are no plans of the Princess St. location reopening.

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