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MPP Randy Hillier charged for hosting anti Covid-19 lockdown rally, to appear in court January 7th

On Thursday, Independent MPP Randy Hillier was charged by the Toronto Police following the organization of an anti-COVID-19 rally. Toronto Police charged Hillier under the Reopening Ontario Act.

In a video by a supporter of the MPP, Hillier is seen being told that he is to appear in court on January 7th. Hillier then interrupts the officer and states that he won’t be wearing a mask. “Think of the lack of freedom that you’re imposing on your kids,” Hillier says to an officer while being fined. 

Throughout the rally, supporters could be seen banging pots and pans, while cheering “Stop the lockdowns” and “Stop the fake pandemic.” In a photo posted by Hillier, a crowd of over three hundred could be seen protesting with most not wearing a mask. 

Photo via Twitter of Randy Hillier

If Hillier were to be found guilty, he could face a fine between $10,000 and $100,000 or a year in jail.

While Hillier was protesting, some of his constituents took to the streets to protest the MPP’s actions. Several people from Carleton Place could be seen on Thursday holding up signs reading “Lockdown’s won’t kill you, protests can!” and “protect the health care system.”

Photo via Linda Manzer on Twitter

One user commented “Shame on you Randy. While you were doing this in TO your constituents were outside your office in Carlton Place protesting your actions.”

In a statement, Hillier says that he is looking forward to challenging the constitutionality of Ontario’s COVID-19 restrictions in court.


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