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New video shows son of MPP Randy Hillier being tasered over mask dispute

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by YGK News Staff

A new video has been released that shows sons of MPP Randy Hillier engaging in an altercation with OPP officers over a mask dispute at a Perth, Ontario Bar. The video shows the two men resisting arrest, shoving the OPP officers. This ultimately resulted in the men being tasered by police.

Hillier claims that his sons were not wearing a mask due to a medical condition and explained his thoughts on Twitter. “The crime, my sons friend went to the bar to order a beer wasn’t wearing a mask. the owner of the Arrow pub called the cops. My sons stood up & explained their friend is exempt from mask wearing, they’re both in jail”

Hillier also released a statement addressing the arrests. 

“Last evening on Dec. 4, there was another escalation of police action that on review of the evidence, demonstrates police officers are becoming increasingly belligerent and aggressive towards perceived violations of facial covering policies,” the statement said.

The statement comes after tensions have increased between the MPP and government officials. On November 26th, Hillier was charged with arrest for organizing an anti-lockdown rally. 

Hillier being fined by Toronto Police on Nov 26th.

Hillier claims that one of his sons attempted to diffuse the situation. “Once outside, my two sons attempted to diffuse the outrage of the individual removed from the premises as he was in a highly agitated state,” the letter read.

He further states that his son was thrown onto the sidewalk by police, at which point his younger son Clayton began to act as a shield, “to prevent further physical violence against Dillon by the police.”

According to the OPP, Hillier’s sons were charged with Public Intoxication under the Liquor License Act. The individuals were then released on Saturday morning.

Hillier has been the subject of controversy in Ontario after having outspoken views about lockdowns imposed by the Ontario Government. Hillier’s action has been met with consternation by local Public Health Officials and most notably Ontario Premier Doug Ford. These officials have accused Hillier of spreading conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Video was originally shared on Facebook by Matt Philip


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