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Kingston gym informed member tested positive for COVID-19

The Omega Fit Club has been notified that one of their members have tested positive for Covid-19. The case is linked to a social gathering that occurred last weekend, the fitness club says. As a result, the gym is asking members to monitor for symptoms if they were at the gym between December 8th and 9th.

“This member attended the gym on following days:Tuesday, December 8th between 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Wednesday, December 9th between 12:00pm – 3:00pm. Any member that was at the gym during those times should monitor themselves for Covid symptoms,” Omege Fit representatives announced in a Facebook post.

While most members have a lower risk of contracting covid, members who were close to the cardiovascular areas of the fitness centre would be at a higher risk. Additionally, the contact information of higher risk members have been noted and given to public health.

“With the number of positive cases increasing in Kingston we all have to do our part to ensure the safety of our members,” Dwayne and Sean from Omega Fitness said. “This should act as a reminder of how important it is to spray down your equipment, maintain the 3 meter distance, and wear your mask when you aren’t actively working out. These rules are in place to minimize the risk of spreading the virus even if a member enters and is unknowingly positive.”

There were 22 new cases of Covid-19 this weekend and there are currently 93 active cases in Kingston. For the latest updates on KFL&A cases, please see the Public Health dashboard.

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