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Joint St. Lawrence College/Laurentian University BBA Program is “highly unlikely” to be affected by Laurentian restructuring, president says

The joint St. Lawrence College/Laurentian University Bachelor of Business Administration program will continue without interruption, Glenn Vollebregt, president and CEO of St. Lawrence College told YGK News on Tuesday. The announcement comes as Laurentian University terminates 69 programs and lays off over 100 of its faculty. 

“SLC will continue delivering an exceptional learning experience to students in the BBA program while actively recruiting new students,” said Vollebregt. 

St. Lawrence primarily receives funding from Laurentian University in grants. The grants are then used to support the BBA students enrolled in the program. “These monies support scholarships and bursaries for SLC students in the program, and St. Lawrence College collects and keeps tuition revenue from the BBA,” said Vollebregt.

In a statement provided to YGK News, Vollebregt says that the college is prepared to deliver the curriculum requirements should things change. However, “this scenario is highly unlikely as Laurentian does not incur expenses related to the SLC BBA program,”said Vollebregt.

“During this stressful time for students through the pandemic, we have been able to support SLC BBA students in understanding that the changes happening at Laurentian will not impact their current program,” he added. 

Faculty members called the cuts on Monday “devastating,” with over 110 faculty members being terminated on Monday and the announcement of entire departments being eliminated. Terminated undergraduate programs included, math, physics, midwifery, modern languages and the School of Environment. 

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