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Partygoers at Kingston’s University District just got fined $24,000 after police found guests hiding in the basement

Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by YGK News Staff

About twelve partygoers in Kingston’s University District are facing fines of $2,000 each after Kingston Police and Kingston Bylaw Officers discovered they had been hosting an illegal house party. 

At around 11:30 p.m on Friday, September 17th, police and bylaw enforcement officers responded to a build-up of people at the intersection of University Avenue and Earl Street. 

While the crowd dispersed, police discovered “extremely loud stereo music” coming from one of the corner residences. Police then discovered a crowd of people near the porch and entrances.

“The side entrance revealed a number of people on the porch, with the residence door wide open and a crowd of people in the kitchen,” Kingston police said.

Police confronted three female tenants who say that they “did not feel” that they were over the COVID-19 mandated limit of 25 people indoors, which is the maximum capacity for indoor gatherings as per Ontario’s Reopening Act regulations.

“A police supervisor had the tenants accompany him throughout the main and upper floors of the house, coming to a total of 25 people,” said Police. “When asked if there was a basement the officer was advised it was more of a cellar and that no one would be down there.”

However, the officer found the other four partygoers hiding in the basement, with one being behind a water tank.

In total, there were 29 people in the residence. Police say that social distancing and mask-wearing were not being practiced.

“The Bylaw team was provided the names of the three tenants to be further investigated and possibly charged under the Reopening of Ontario Act for being hosts/organizers, which is supposed to carry a minimum $10,000 fine each,” Police said on Friday.

The fines are the result of a new emergency order which increases penalties for attending parties to $2000 each.

Additional fines and charges were also issued on Friday night:

38 Liquor Licence Act offenses

     o 31 open alcohol

     o 4 underage drinking

     o 3 public intoxication arrests and charges

• 12 aggravated nuisance party AMPs

• 7 amplified sound AMPs

• 1 yelling/shouting AMP

• 2 Criminal Code charges

• Total of 4 arrests

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