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CFB Kingston confirms COVID-19 outbreaks within two units on base

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston has confirmed that there is an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak within two units on its base. They are now working closely with 33 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre to tailor its risk mitigation measures in response to the rising cases in the region. 

“Preserving the Force Protection of our Defence Team members is paramount, and all measures are being taken to mitigate the risk within the base,” Captain Soomin Kim, Public Affairs Officer, Canadian Forces Base Kingston, said. 

The mitigation measures in place with immediate effect are as follows: 

1. Restricting all social or work gatherings on the base.

2. Restricting all indoor group physical training activities.

3. Providing a hotel-like accommodation to affected members as an isolation facility.

4. Adhering to all Provincial Public Health Measures.

However, essential services that require base presence will still adhere to strict COVID-19 health and safety protocol. 

According to the information shared by CFB Kingston, the affected people are military members, but due to privacy reasons, more details could not be shared about those affected. Moreover, as per national direction, CFB also does not provide COVID-19 numbers broken down by base/units at the local level. The cases of COVID-19 amongst CAF members are reported to the provincial public health authority. 

As of December 6, 2021, the total number of active, resolved, and total cases of COVID-19 within the CAF population at the national level regardless of the location are:

  • All current active cases: 13
  • All resolved cases: 2162
  • Total of all positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 2175
  • Cumulative breakthrough cases: 248

These numbers are expected to be updated on Monday, December 13. 

Captain Kim reiterated that all COVID-19 cases diagnosed through the provincial laboratory’s support would be automatically included in provincial and national case counts. 

He also shared that the vaccination rate against COVID-19 is very high among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. As of December 8, 2021, more than 96% of eligible CAF members have received their first dose, and 94% are fully vaccinated. 

Lastly, Captain Kim also conveyed that “CFB Kingston is still operationally prepared and ready to respond wherever and whenever the government needs us to help protect Canadians.”

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