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Over 40 charged in University District over long weekend

The return of the new school year has meant that the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) is back into effect. As a result of the UDSI initiative, over 40 charges have been laid from August 30th to the end of the long weekend alone.

Kingston Police report that there were 44 charges for open liquor under the Liquor License and Control Act and two public intoxication charges. 

In addition, from the period of August 30th to September 4th, 30 Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) including 18 for amplified noise, 8 for yelling/shouting and hooting and 4 for a nuisance party. 

“Community members are encouraged to learn more about the municipal measures in place to discourage unsanctioned large gatherings and high-risk or disruptive behaviours by reading the Good Neighbour Guide: a Guide to the City of Kingston Bylaws. Staff from both Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police will be in the community in the coming days sharing information about UDSI and answering resident questions,” wrote Kingston Police.

The massive block party saw hundreds of students fill the street. Some had been seen climbing on utility poles and shooting into the air. As a result, Kingston Police declared the gathering a nuisance party and urged motorists to avoid the area. 

The news comes as the university is contemplating a new strategy for how it deals with street parties. The first meeting was held on June 16th and carried on throughout the summer.

The terms of reference for the new taskforce acknowledge that “Historically, Kingston has struggled with recurring unsanctioned street parties that often accompany unsafe and disruptive behaviour.” However, they noted the prevalence of social media as a reason for re-evaluating best practices.

The UDSI will continue until September 10th and the task force’s report is expected this fall.

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