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Ongwanada Resource Centre celebrates 75 years in Kingston

Ongwanada Resource Centre is celebrating 75 years working with people with developmental disabilities and their families in Kingston and Eastern Ontario this week.

Since the organization’s inception in 1948, Ongwanada has provided services and care to the community, most recently supporting over 500 individuals in the region with developmental disabilities and their families. Ongwanada provides group home living for approximately 140 individuals, community programming, activities, medical care, and various other services.

CEO of Ongwanada Alastair Lamb stated, “the organization has played a pivotal role in the community; I am certain that this milestone would not have been reached if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff and community support along the way.”

On Aug. 16, the organization kicked off their anniversary celebrations with a picnic for upwards of 300 people, including staff, supported individuals, volunteers, board members, and auxiliary members.

“It was phenomenal. It was a wonderful day,” said Lamb, “and to see the smile on the faces of the people we support who participated yesterday, the majority of those did. But to see the smile on their faces and the opportunity to get together, particularly after the last three years, where such events really haven’t been able to have occurred. Really it was quite heartwarming.”

The organization looks forward to another year in Kingston with various activities planned to commemorate the momentous occasion. To keep up to date with Ongwanada’s 75th anniversary initiatives, follow their social media pages.

Listen to the full story below, featuring an interview with Ongwanada CEO Alastair Lamb:

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