YGK News is a Kingston news publication. It started out of a CFRC radio show and was founded on a need to discuss issues that other news publications weren’t discussing. It aims to deliver engaging, independent media and journalism to the Kingston community. We will endeavor to build a bridge between the community and student populations. We strive to form a bond between the community and the diverse populations within it. To that end, we will be as inclusive as possible.

We publish news, politics, business, editorials, lifestyle, and campus content. We try to branch out into new mediums as much as possible, including through photojournalism, videography, and radio. Since starting, several stories have been broken that have been further reported on by national media outlets.

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News Editor/Publisher – Matthew Ierino

Contact: editor@ygknews.ca

Campus Editor (Queen’s, SLC, RMC)

Contact: campus.editor[at]ygknews.ca

Owen Fullerton – Local Journalism Reporter

Contact: owen.fullerton@ygknews.ca

Features Intern – Samantha Dalcourt

Contact: features.editor[at]ygknews.ca

Marketing Intern – Sunny Cui

Contact: marketing[at]ygknews.ca

Contributing Writer – Stefan Strangman

Contact: stefan.strangman[at]ygknews.ca