Last Updated on August 25, 2020 by YGK News Staff

While Freediving in Kingston, Kyle* heard about a private location around Lake Ontario where cars and other items were located. As he approached the area, Kyle stumbled upon a Cadillac which looked to be in poor condition and completely covered in debris.

“The condition was definitely poor, but once we began to fan it out, it had some shine,” the freediver said.

In the video taken by Kyle, the Cadillac appears to be overturned and appears to have accumulated debris over top of it. He is unsure how specifically the vehicle arrived at the bottom at Lake Ontario. However, he had heard from other divers that there were cars in the area.

After finding the Cadillac, Kyle posted a video of his discovery on his Instagram page, freedive_ygk. He also posted his findings to the Kingston, Ontario sub-reddit.

Kyle explores a flipped over Cadillac on the bottom of Lake Ontario

Kyle uses freediving techniques to explore Kingston’s underwater features. Rather than traditional scuba diving, freediving relies on holding one’s breath until the diver resurfaces about the water. With the use of a snorkel mask, divers can stay underwater for approximately 10 minutes.

Freediving is seen as more accessible to scuba diving due to their being no need to use traditional scuba gear. Freediving is also an international sport and is gaining popularity in Canada.

To get started, Kyle first suggests being certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or AIDA. In the future, Kyle hopes to make these courses more accessible in Kingston. He also hopes to work with PADI to organize a course in Kingston.

Kyle believes that freediving is a safe activity to do despite COVID, as divers are outside and in small groups.

Kingston is well known for its diving spots and is often regarded as “the freshwater diving capital of the world.”

*The divers name has been changed to Kyle for privacy reasons.