Midori Gifts seek assistance identifying suspect of robbery


Midori Gifts is seeking public assistance in identifying a man who stole the stores safety deposit box on Friday afternoon. According to a post on the stores social media page, the man went into the back of their store at 3:58pm while staff were busy. Surveillance footage then shows the man fleeing through the back exit.

“Being a small business we are so saddened and disappointed that this happened in a year that has been difficult for everyone everywhere. We hope that with your help we can identify this person and bring this situation to justice,” Tina Yan, owner of Midori Gifts said in her post.

Along with her request for assistance, video surveillance of the man stealing the stores safety deposit box was provided. The video shows the man clearing obstacles from the rear door of the store, grabbing the safety deposit box and returning to the back door to make an exit.

Around this time last year, Midori Gifts had been targeted by shoplifters, who stole over $300 in merchandise.

Midori is currently offering a $100 dollar reward for the identification of the man in the surveillance video.


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