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Cat Shot with Rifle on Wolfe Island Highway

Community members are seeking justice after a cat was shot and killed with a rifle on Wolfe Island on December 30th. News about the incident was originally shared by a community group called “Wolfe Island Wildlife Watch” a group that seeks to hold illegal hunters and trespassers accountable within the Wolfe Island community.

According to the page, a white SUV had shot a cat with a rifle from the car window while on the road. “The cat was steps from the road and its house. He sadly has been killed,” the post said. The incident happened mid-island, on the highway in Wolfe Island. 

While this was not a feral cat, Wolfe Island is known to have a large feral cat population. There is approximately one cat for every three humans on the island near Kingston Ont. There are various community groups, such as “Wolfe Island Friends of Ferals,” who support the management of the feral cat population in the community. 

Community members reacted with disgust on social media. “Disgusting, I hope they’re caught and punished for such a horrible act of violence,” one post said. 

Photo of the cat, who is now deceased.

However, these groups do not encourage euthanizing the cat population. Instead, the group trap the cats and then take them to Kingston in order to get them spayed or neutered. Thanks to a series of donations, the group announced that they had spayed or neutered about 450 cats.

In a statement to YGK News, the Wolfe Island Wildlife Group says that the police are now involved in the incident and are investigating.

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