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Video of Queen’s student refusing public health orders while travelling sparks outrage

Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by YGK News Staff

A video of a student refusing to follow public health orders while traveling has gone viral. The video shows Queen’s University student Tori Evans refuse to wear a mask, take a COVID-19 test or participate in a quarantine at an approved hotel.

The video was filmed following a three month stay in the Dominican Republic and has since garnered over 60,000 views.

“Just because they tell you not to travel, and they tell you to wear a mask, and they tell you to get the test, and they tell you to go into a quarantine facility, doesn’t mean you have to do it,” Evans said in her video. “I went through 3 different airports without a mask on and not one single person told me to put a mask on,” she said. 

The video shows the student and her family refuse to reserve a hotel for a federally required quarantine. “We are going to go home to a home that is empty and we are going to quarantine for 14 days,” said the students’ mom to Pearson International Airport officials.

 “That’s not the way it works ma’am,” responded airport law enforcement. Instead, airport officials fined the individuals and allowed the family to quarantine at home. 


The video then shows the student’s mom refusing to get tested as she arrives in Canada, arguing that section 14 of the Quarantine Act does not allow foreign objects to be put inside one’s body. 

Video caused some community members to speak out. “If you choose to travel and put yourself at risk that’s your decision but putting other’s health [and] safety at risk is not okay,” said one user. Others are calling on Queen’s University to take action as a result of the students video. 

While many social media users also accused the student of partying in Kingston following her trip, the student responded on instagram denying the allegations. “I am not in Kingston, I have not been partying, I am at my house quarantining with my family!” said the student. 

YGK News reached out to the student for comment but no response was received at the time of publication.

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