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OPP finds missing three year old ‘alive and well’ on fourth day

The OPP has announced that missing three-year-old Jude Leyton, has been found alive and well in the South Frontenac area. The search was on its fourth day when Leyton was found. 

“Thank You to everyone who assisted in this huge effort… firefighters, paramedics, volunteers and members of the community.  We don’t want to forget anyone who played a part in this happy ending,” said OPP Public Affairs on Twitter today. 

The OPP had begun searching for the boy on Sunday at a trout fishing resort near Canoe Lake Road, which was owned by family members of the boy.

The OPP Officers who assisted in the search reacted in disbelief to the discovery of the boy at around 3:20pm today. “3yr old found alive in woods. Coming out now. Absolutely unbelievable. 3 days, below zero, soaking wet, no food. Amazing,” Said OPP Officer Brian Jones.  

The boy was ultimately found about 1km away from the location where he was last seen. 

The successful recovery of three year old Jude Leyton prompted the large community reaction. “A miracle happened today just north of Kingston.” MP Mark Gerretson said on Twitter today. “Jude, a 3 year old, spent over 72 hours in the woods before being located by an OPP rescue team approx 1km from where he was last seen on Sunday morning,” Gerretson said. 

A photo taken by an OPP officer had also gone viral, showing the boy being carried out of the bush. The photo garnered over 5,600 shares on Facebook.

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