Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Outbreak involving VOC declared at Queen’s University Residences

On Sunday, KFL&A Public Health declared an outbreak at Victoria Hall and Chown Hall, following the confirmation of an additional two COVID-19 cases this morning. 

The university suspects that the outbreak involves variants of concern (VOC) and currently has 9 associated cases. “Residence isolation protocols are being followed, with positive cases and identified close contacts relocated to Smith House and where appropriate, some floors can continue to isolate in place, pending test results of High Risk Contacts,” said the statement by Queen’s University Residence Life. 

As a result of the outbreak, a number of households are expected to be tested on site, as has been done for previous confirmed tests this week. 

The outbreak comes as students are in the process of moving out of their residences. “Students proceeding with move-out to complete their isolation period at home are receiving additional information about applicable safety measures.” Some students will be unable to move out as planned due to the outbreak, but will continue to be supported.

Queen’s University Residences are urging students to not have contact with anyone outside of their households. “Please stay focused on completing your term and exams successfully and safely move out of residence when your exams have concluded, saying goodbye virtually to friends from outside your household,” said residence life. 

As of Sunday, there are at least 5 positive COVID-19 cases at Victoria Hall and at least 2 at Chown Hall. KFL&A Public Health has also confirmed 20 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday.

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