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Over $300k owed to Queen’s, SLC and RMC in Laurentian CCAA proceeding

Laurentian University is on the hook for over $300,000 in funding from Kingston post-secondary institutions, YGK News has learned. The owed funds is part of Laurentian University’s creditor protection proceedings, where over $181 Million is owed to various creditors. 

Queen’s University is owed over $249,000 in funding by Laurentian University. Over 100K of this funding is owed to Kim Woodhouse, Vice Principal (Research) at Queen’s University for research carried out at the SNO Lab in Sudbury. The research carried out at Sudbury’s SNOLAB led to Dr. Art McDonald being awarded a Nobel Prize in physics in 2015.

The Nobel prize winner recently voiced his concern for the cuts at the institution and what this means for research at the SNOLAB. 

“They have on the order of $1.3 million per year in funding from the funding agencies. They have 15 graduate students for post-docs, typically 20 undergraduate students in the summer and a number of technicians, and they’re strong participants in these major experiments at SNOLAB,” said McDonald, in an interview with CBC News. 

St. Lawrence College is owed approximately $52,000, primarily for a reimbursement of financial aid distributed to business students in the LU/SLC BBA program. “St. Lawrence College (SLC) recently invoiced Laurentian University (LU) for a reimbursement of 25K for the 2021 fiscal year for SLC’s financial support paid to students in the LU/SLC BBA program as per the agreement,” said Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO of St. Lawrence College.

Queen’s University declined to comment on the matter.

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