Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Kingston City Council to vote on condemning Randy Hillier tomorrow

A motion has been put forth through Kingston City Council calling for the behaviour of Independent MPP Randy Hillier to be condemned. 

The motion comes after the Township of South Frontenac, and Loyalist Township condemned the behaviour. “Council will not silently stand by when members in our community are placed in harm’s way through Mr. Hillier’s wilful propagation of misinformation and/or association with groups that promote racist messaging,” Councillor Doherty wrote in her motion. 

If passed, the MPP’s “unethical and harmful behaviour” will be referred to Ontario’s Integrity Commission. In doing so, Doherty is seeking a full investigation of the MPP Hillier’s behaviour. 

It also calls on the government to take further actions and to explore further sanctions available to the Provincial Government.

The Independent MPP has amassed a large following for his views that oppose COVID-19 lockdown measures. Hillier has organized several mass gatherings in protest of the lockdown measures and has amassed several fines. 

Hillier was seen protesting as recently as yesterday in Cornwall. Over 100 people were reportedly in attendance and he claims that the “movement is growing.”

The motion will be presented to Kingston City Council on Tuesday.

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