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KFPL to offer Indigenous Canada course discussion group

Recognizing that conversation and learning go hand in hand, Kingston Frontenac Public Library has announced that it will facilitate an Indigenous discussion group based on the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course. The course received widespread attention after Schitt’s Creek creator Dan Levy committed to enrolling in the course in November 2020.

“When we know better, we can do better. Many Canadians are working to understand the big picture of Indigenous rights, culture, and resilience,” said Jake Miller, Programming and Outreach Librarian at KFPL.

“Join KFPL and fellow lifelong learners by enrolling in the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada  course, and connecting with the community in discussion,” said Miller. “As a companion to the course, the library’s  conversational program is designed to encourage an informed dialogue that stems from learning of Indigenous historical experiences, world views and current events.”

Participants will join KFPL’s discussion, examining the topic of the week in whole-group conversations and in smaller breakout groups after each lesson.

The 12-lesson massive open online course is offered through the university’s Faculty of Native Studies. Registration is free, though participants can receive a completion certificate for a small fee. Participants  will explore topics like land claims, legal systems and rights, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art, and its expressions.  

“I came across this course offering in Alberta a while back, and finally have the opportunity to promote  it and discuss so many topics that need further exploration! Having small, weekly discussions about the  history and contributions of Canada’s Indigenous communities is essential to moving forward together,”  shared Jake Miller, programming and outreach librarian. 

KFPL’s discussion group is also free, with registration limited to 20 participants. The group will gather  over Zoom on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m., from June 23 through September 15. 

Visit the Indigenous Canada: Course Discussion page to register. Patrons interested in this course may  also want to tune in to KFPL’s Author Talk with Alicia Elliot, July 13. For more information, visit  www.kfpl.ca or call your local branch. 

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