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KFPL is reviewing its branch hours and is seeking your input

With a broad catchment area and a goal to keep our branches accessible and useful to our library users,
Kingston Frontenac Public Library is reviewing hours of operation at all 16 branches. We are looking for
feedback from people in both the City of Kingston and Frontenac County to make sure we are serving
library users’ needs.

“Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone in Kingston-Frontenac. To do that,
our hours of operation need to meet the needs of each community,” explained Kimberly Sutherland
Mills, Director, Service Design and Delivery.

“We’re reviewing how we can best use the hours we have available to provide the best possible service.
Whether that means open hours during your after-work commute, or perhaps having hours at all the
libraries near your home aligned so that you have better access, your feedback is essential to these

KFPL recognizes that urban and rural branch users may have different needs and opportunities to use
the library, which is why we are taking a regional approach to make sure the hours of neighbouring
branches are complementary.

We encourage users to fill out a short survey to share feedback, which should only take about 10
minutes to complete. The survey will stay open until October 31 online. It also gives users an
opportunity to let us know how they use digital collections, and to share ideas for Mobile Branch

Find the branch hours survey online at bit.ly/BranchHoursSurvey, at community.kfpl.ca, or on our main
page at kfpl.ca. There are also printed versions of the survey available at all branches.
There may be further opportunities for community engagement at a later date, such as a focus group or
open house.

Library staff will review all survey responses and prepare a final report by November 30, which will be
posted at community.kfpl.ca. Any resulting changes to hours of operation will be implemented in 2022.

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