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YMCA staff are being berated by its members over COVID-19 protocols

The YMCA of Eastern Ontario is reporting a growing number of incidents involving members berating its staff members for enforcing COVID protocols which they are mandated to enforce. 

Rob Adams, the CEO of Eastern Ontario’s YMCA says the aggressions are occurring during standard procedures such as carrying out active health screenings. 

In a plea to members, Adams wrote a letter defending his staff and asked members not to berate his establishment’s staff.

“With staff shortages across most sectors of employment, it bears noting that our employees have chosen to work – they are the ones showing up every day to provide service – and, frankly, they deserve better,” wrote Adams. 


Kingston will see an expanded screening questionnaire as part of its new directive to businesses. “Undoubtedly, questionnaires and other health requirements will continue to change across our region,” wrote Adams.

Adams says that there will continue to be zero tolerance for aggression towards anyone at the YMCA, including its employees.

“We have already taken action in this regard and will not hesitate to do so if needed. It is my sincere hope that it will not be necessary.”

Fitness clubs are among many businesses that are facing increasing pressure from their customers over COVID-19 enforcement.

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