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Kingston ponders permanently closing Ontario Street in front of City Hall

Kingston is looking for feedback about permanently closing Market Street and the block of Ontario Street in front of City Hall. The announcement was made in a post to Kingston’s Youtube page today, where Mayor Bryan Paterson expressed his hopes that this will “create new park space for pedestrians and an expanded location for festivals and other community events.”

 “Confederation Park is an incredible public space and I believe the time is right to revitalize this whole area and create a new, spectacular waterfront destination just like what we did with Breakwater Park,” Paterson said today in a video to constituents.

Paterson hopes to begin consultations for the potential street closures at next week’s City Council meeting. He says that he’s looking for ideas that include supports and employment opportunities for vulnerable residents, permanent expanded patio spaces for downtown businesses, downtown cleaning crews, and new garbage and recycling containers. 

“After two years of distancing and separation during the pandemic, I’m excited to start working on new spaces where we can gather together again as a community, but I’d also like to know what you think,” Paterson told residents.


  1. Yes, definitely. Spend any time in Europe and you will see the amazing effect that redesigning city spaces for pedestrians, instead of vehicles, can have on the atmosphere, aesthetic, and vibrance of a historic downtown core like Kingston . I would personally go even further and close Princess to all but delivery vehicles in favor of a fully pedestrian friendly avenue but would take Market/Ontario st. as an initial step in the right direction

  2. Absolutely yes. We can use open space at this exact location. As said higher if this city was in Europe, much more then just the front of city hall would be closed to traffic and it works extremely well. People walk, they use their legs and they do it a lot. Business don’t suffer, their pedestrian areas are rich and vibrant. Only difference is that maybe it makes less sense in winter but even then it would be the opportunity for some festive animation that could drive to attract Kingstonians. Definitely in favor.

  3. Might as well. The city is always fucking up traffic down there anyways with their stupid art installations and movies on the side of the road..but it’ll take 15 years for them to actually complete the project so doesn’t matter to me. I hate Kingston. Let’s bring as many people as we can here but simultaneously not have the infrastructure put into place. Look at the joke of a project down in front of dupont. At least if you’re going to do it, hire some Chinese people so they’ll get it done over night, unlike our crackheaded trade people in this city.

  4. Nope it’s just going to create congestion on other streets such as queen street which should be fixed before you do anymore road closures for pedestrians our roads in Kingston are horrible 3/4 of the lines are faded away and queen street is rated on the top ten list for worst roads in Canada

  5. So the objective is to make it impossible to get to 200 Ontario right?? The bar that gets fairly frequent business and will have taxis and ride shares called to. That’s probably another business that won’t be pleased with the city screwing up it’s accessibility. On another note there is more parking needed downtown, not less. There is plenty of pedestrian venue space as it is and most of the time it’s only special events that occur once in a while. I know making the city is important but so is providing a means of transportation service. On final note, are you also going to screw up the tour bus location in front of confederation park for this spur of a moment decision?? Seems foolish just like putting a traffic circle on Patrick and Fraser st.

    • One additional point is that you are going to cause a larger build up of traffic on the bottom of Brock st. even with a third crossing. There’s not a great distance from king to Ontario, with a red light and nowhere to go but up Brock. It’s likely going to become a problem at some point.

  6. There should be a decimated spaces for taxi drivers. A lot of thought will have to go into this. I love what was done on Princes street but don’t forget the parking spaces that will be needed. It’s exciting to see that Kingston keeps on planning to beter it! Love it!

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