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Kingston Police discover distressed puppy locked inside a trunk

As summer approaches, Kingston Police are reminding residents not to leave children or pets unattended in cars for any length of time.

This comes after Kingston Police discovered a puppy locked inside a vehicle’s trunk on May 11th at 6:00pm. The discovery was in response to a report of whimpering in a car in front of a local business.

“Upon arrival police could hear whimpering coming from inside the vehicle’s trunk. At the time of arrival the temperature outside was approximately 25 degrees Celsius,” wrote Kingston Police in a press release.

Police report that they tried to access the vehicle but they were ultimately forced to break into the vehicle to access the trunk.
As the police opened the trunk, they discovered a 10-week old puppy inside that was showing signs of weakness and distress.

“An individual who was identified as being in care of the puppy returned to the vehicle while police were present. Police were informed that the individual was in the process of transporting the puppy to a new owner outside of Kingston,” added police.

A confrontation with the 23-year old local, who was in care of the puppy, ultimately led to their arrest, where they were charged with willfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The individual was released pending a future court date and the puppy has been delivered to a new owner to receive further care.

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