Kingston Police report that they have charged an Uber Eats driver after he allegedly sexually assaulted a passenger in July.

Police initially began investigating the driver on June 28th when they became aware of a suspicious vehicle following a victim. In that instance, the vehicle left the Tim Hortons parking lot at 2435 Princess Street and started following the complainant as she walked west on Princess Street from Centennial Drive. The complainant was eventually able to hide from the driver by walking in behind 2485 Princess Street.

Then on July 3, 2022, at approximately 2:20 a.m. a sexual assault occurred in the downtown area. While the victim was walking, an SUV pulled up and the driver identified himself as a ride-share driver and offered her a ride. During the short drive, the driver sexually assaulted the victim after she entered the vehicle. As the driver slowed for a stop sign the victim was able to flee the vehicle. The driver attempted to grab her, but she slipped away.

Police arrested a 50-year old man, Hassan Al Madani after they were able to locate the vehicle on July 17th. They were able confirm that suspects identity using GPS data obtained by the investigators.

The suspect was arrested on July 28th where he attended a bail hearing on July 29th. Madani was charged with sexual assault, harassment by threatening conduct, harassment by watching and besetting.

According to Uber, the suspect was only authorized to do deliveries and was not a driver. The Uber spokesperson emphasized that the suspect was not using the app while the incident occurred.

“What’s been described by police is alarming. We take these reports seriously; while the reported incidents are not connected to a trip or delivery, we deactivated him as soon as we became aware of the incidents,” an Uber spokesperson told YGK News.

The Kingston Area Taxi Commission says they are “appalled” by the actions of Madani. “No words can replace what was lost mentally, physically, and emotionally,” Joseph Dowser, chair of the Kingston Area Taxi Commission, said. “The commission places public safety above all other priorities and will fully support a thorough investigation in this matter in conjunction with Uber and Kingston Police.”

The investigation is ongoing and police want to hear from individuals who may have had interactions with Madani and the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Stephen Rines at 613-549-4660, ext. 6407, or via email at