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Extras needed for major TV production at Kingston Pen

Last Updated on June 4, 2023 by YGK News Staff

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a major TV production? This might be your chance. 

An open casting call for extras and background performers is currently underway for a series that will be filming at Kingston Penitentiary from June 7 – 9. 

The casting agency says the opportunity is “no experience necessary” and encourages those interested in learning about what it’s like to work on a live production set to apply. 

“Selected performers will be playing the part of inmates at a women’s prison and as a result this casting call is for women-presenting participants only.” the release said. 

“Anyone interested in participating is invited to carefully read the details from the casting agency below and contact the agency directly via the email address at the bottom of this message.”

TV Show: Forever Young

Required for the cast:

  • Women-presenting prisoners: 35 women-presenting participants of all ethnicities with various “looks” (hardened, etc.)
  • Dates required: June 7, 8, 9 (some may only be needed for 2 days: June 7 and 9, plus June 6th for fitting)
  • If you are selected you are required to come for a 2 hour paid costume fitting, possibly to be scheduled on June 6
  • Tattoos: visible tattoos are fine. A picture must be submitted to the email below with a letter or email of clearance from the tattoo artist. (Tattoos may need to be covered if this is not provided.)
  • We can accommodate all sizes!

General information:

Scenes will be shot throughout the day within the prison’s interior cells and outside in the exterior prison yards. Shooting hours: vary in length from 8-14+ hours. Start times vary. You need to be available all day and evening for June 7, 8, (day and overnight filming), and possibly June 9 during the day.

Pay rate: minimum wage. Full days include a 1 hour non-paid boxed lunch. Basic snacks will be provided. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bring your own water bottles and snacks if you have allergies or dietary/nutritional needs.

To apply, submit to the office by one email only at foreveryoungbgkingston@gmail.com:

  1. Your full name, age, address, telephone number, and email address
  2. Photo shots required. Please send a headshot (picture of your face and head) and full length photo
  3. Tattoo clearence letter or an email attrached from the artist
  4. Height, waist, chest measurements, and shoe size

“Applicants will be notified by the casting office personne for further information.”

While the Kingston Film Office didn’t provide further information about the production, Ontario Creates reports that “Chucky” Season 3, dubbed “Forever Young,” is in production within the Toronto area this week. The new season of “Chucky” is expected in Fall 2023.


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