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Local Art Project Seeks Your Stories of Kingston 

Kingston: a guidebook from memory, supported by a $9000 grant from the Kingston Arts Council, is seeking submissions for a community art project for the creation of a physical ‘guidebook’ of Kingston. However, unlike traditional tourist guides which highlight local attractions, this book is an invitation to experience Kingston through the stories of its neighbours.  

“What places in our city hold significance for you? What is your earliest memory in Kingston? What  memories continue to linger or haunt your street, your neighbourhood, your commute to work?  Whether you have lived in Kingston your entire life, or have simply stopped by for a visit, we invite you to submit memories connected to places in our city?”

Submissions are anonymous and might resemble:  

• the bench where you had your first kiss  

• the park where you walk your dog each morning  

• the place you visited on a grade seven field trip  

Submissions can be short or long, poetic or prose, detailed or vague, happy or heartbreaking:  whatever you wish to share. Submissions chosen for the book will be accompanied by a sketch of  the memory location by artists from the Kingston Hidden Artist Collective—a community  organization which supports unhoused local artists. The final guidebook will be published in a  limited print-run and will be made available for free as a digital e-book. We intend to launch the  book with a walking of the map in July.  

“It is our hope that this project will provide a creative and meaningful glance into the life and stories  of residents in Kingston; and offer an invitation to explore our city through the stories of our neighbours.”

Kingston: a guidebook from memory follows the 2016 publication of Kitchener-Waterloo: a guidebook from memory (Motum/Samms).  

Those interested are encouraged to share “your story” at GuidebooksFromMemory.com and follow our project as we collect the memories, histories, and ghosts of Kingston.  

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