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Kingston Myeloma March raises funds, honours 15th anniversary

Participants and supporters for the Kingston Multiple Myeloma March gathered at Victoria Park to spread awareness and help raise funds for Multiple Myeloma on Sept. 17.

Myeloma is the second most common blood cancer, with 11 Canadians being diagnosed every day. The march in Kingston is a piece of the annual, national event organized by Myeloma Canada every fall.

In honour of the Multiple Myeloma March’s 15th anniversary, Myeloma Canada introduced the Multiple Myeloma March Research Fund-sharing Partnership Program, funding Canadian cancer research centres with up to 50% of the net proceeds from the Multiple Myeloma March nearest to each centre.

35 participants registered for the 5km walk and there was a total of 152 donors who contributed to the organization. Donations totaled $8,020, which will go towards curing and preventing the disease, increasing access to care, and improving the lives of Canadians affected by myeloma.

“One of the initial organizers of Myeloma Canada as an institution before it even began, he was a patient with myeloma who saw a need at first for patients to support each other. And sadly now he has passed away, but his legacy is living on and on. And it’s so nice. He’d be really proud to see how things are now. The efforts through Myeloma Canada are really important,” Stated the spokesperson of this year’s event, hematologist at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and researcher at Queen’s University, Dr. Annette Hay.

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