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Queen’s confirms second case in residence; public health raising alarm over rise in cases

Last Updated on October 2, 2020 by YGK News Staff

Queen’s University Residences has confirmed that another resident has tested positive for Covid-19. The student resides in Leonard Hall. This is the second positive case in residence, with the previous positive case being yesterday, on the fourth floor of Brant Hall.

“Those identified as a close contact of the student will be contacted directly and required to self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19 immediately,” the letter said. One of the isolation spaces are located in the JDUC.

Residence Life is working closely with KFL&A Public health to contract trace and inform the affected individuals as soon as possible.

KFL&A had also published two statements expressing their concern over the rise in cases within the Kingston region. In the first statement, Dr. Kieran Moore urged residents to self isolate if you are found to be positive or are found to be close contact of a positive case.

“We will have no problem restricting and charging individuals who do not adhere to this order, to ensure that those who need to self-isolate do so, for the protection of all residents in our community,” said Dr. Kieran Moore. “Especially if these individuals have already been advised, contacted, and we have information that they are leaving their home.”

Second, Public health raised the community status of Covid-19 to yellow. This comes as Public Health reported four new cases of Covid-19 today. A yellow status indicated few cases, full local contact capacity and cases/contacts are being reached within 24 hours.

“Since September 9, we have seen 14 new cases of COVID-19. Most of these cases have been individuals under 30 years of age, female, and residents of the City of Kingston. KFL&A Public Health investigation into the source of infection for these cases is ongoing. Given this trend, KFL&A Public Health has deemed it important to signal the increased need for vigilance to prevent the further transmission of COVID-19 in our region” the statement said.

The statements come as four new cases positive cases of covid-19 were reported today. Three of the four are females under 20 and one is a man in his 40s. There are now 9 active cases in Kingston. Two cases have recovered since yesterday.

In a press conference today, Dr. Moore confirmed that up to 80 students are being monitored for possible covid-19 exposure. The four cases today are all related to Queen’s. However, an outbreak has not been declared as all cases are currently related to travel.

“The next ten days will be key to determining whether more steps need to be taken,” Dr. Moore said.

Queen’s University is tracking its cases on its website. It currently reads that 5 cases have been reported to Queen’s this week.

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