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Kingston and the Islands MP ‘hits nerve’ with Conservative MP over WE controversy

Kingston and the Island’s MP Mark Gerretsen has spoken out over a video that accuses Liberal MP’s of participating in a “cover-up” over WE Charity investigations.

In the video, MP Pollievre requests that a “Point of Order” be taken. “According to standing orders, the matter needs to be treated before the meeting is adjourned,” Pollievre states to Wayne Easter, the Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance.

However, Easter declines his request as it’s not considered a point of order. He then tries once again, but Pollievre’s Point of Order failed to be recognized. Following this, the MP’s vote to dismiss the Finance committee.

Since being posted on October 18th, the Youtube video has garnered over 15,000 views.

Under Parliamentary Rules of Order, “any Member can interrupt a Member who has the floor of the House during the debate and bring to the Chair’s attention a procedural irregularity the moment it occurs, in which case the Member who has the floor resumes his or her seat until the matter is resolved or disposed of.” However, the committee chair must first recognize the Point of Order prior to the order being resolved.

“Eeekk….I think I hit a nerve. Please watch this video. It is indicative of how @PierrePoilievre continuously circumvents committee rules when he doesn’t get his way. And he doesn’t even care…this is his video!!,” MP Gerrestsen tweeted.

The video is part of a concerted effort by the Conservative Party of Canada to have the government reveal redacted portions of documents from the WE Charity correspondence with the Canadian Government.

Due to his membership in House Committees, Gerretsen is one of several Liberal’s being accused of filibustering debate sessions by some Conservatives. The Conservative opposition is now making moves to have the topic re-tabled in the House of Commons. Meanwhile, Gerretsen has to the responded to the accusations by asserting that they are trying to move forward because they are trying to support those who are in need amid the pandemic.

Gerretsen has previously cited the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and the Canada Response Benefit as ways he is trying to support his constituents. In a recent virtual “town hall” with his constituents, he cited a failed $600 disability benefit as being a casualty of partisan politics.

Gerretsen has also pointed out contradictions about the oppositions position. “When it comes to blacking-out government documents, “the decision on what to reveal is made by nonpartisan public servants”. But don’t take my word for it, allow my good friend @PierrePoilievre to explain,” Gerretsen Tweeted.

Despite the debate about the Government’s relationship with the organization, revelations about the WE Charity continue to be made by Canadaland.

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