Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Dear Photograph’ Tour of the Kingston Waterfront


I recently had a morning of chauffeur service downtown, and while waiting for my rendez-vous, I took the opportunity, and a handful of photo prints, to do some ‘Dear Photograph’ photography. Well, my version of it – mixing then and now. The photos are various archival views from the Queen’s University Archives. Top photo – Confederation Train, at the start of my tour. Then, along Ontario Street:

Ontario at William (above), where once locomotives care to life, now condos! Another view, produced when I got home, with a different CLC photo:

Kingston Shipyards launch, using the marine railway:

Different view of the same vessel, taken nearer the former Marine Museum site:

A little farther west on Ontario Street, another home view showing shipyard gantries across Ontario Street:

The Grand Trunk Inner Station, 1970 photo added at home (above), and current photo superimposed on 1970 photo (below). Note dual gauge track, foot of Johnson Street:

Where CLC trackage one was, over the railing along Ontario Street, with Fairbanks Morse lettering then on the building:

Trying not to get run over at Queen and Ontario Streets. Memories of the arrival of the LNER Flying Scotsman in 1970. The biggest LVEC at the time was the Memorial Centre over on York Street:

Looking west at the same site, I had my photos in order and a route in mind! Those curiously angled building backs and S&R department store. Note the crossing crossbuck!

One of my (many) favourite spots – the Anglin city parking lot along Wellington Street at Anglin Bay, with Bayswater coal boats:

Tricky to re-create this view of a load of scrap oil drums approaching the original KIMCO on Rideau Street. Imperial Oil’s agency was at right, notice the fence?

The Imperial Oil warehouse at the foot of North Street:

My ‘Ground Zero’ for the Hanley Spur. Cataraqui at Rideau Streets:

River Street fuel rack, sans tanks!

Another view – tough to get the right balance of foreground and background. Also, no more bridge, from which the archival photo was taken.

Coming soon!

Eric Gagnon will be releasing his book Smoke on the Waterfront – The Trains, Ships and Industries of Kingston Harbour this month and will be available to purchase to those interested. You can find Gagnon’s other books at Novel Idea on 156 Princess St. Please contact Eric directly for more information at mile179kingston@yahoo.ca


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