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Ted Hsu wins nomination to be Ontario Liberal Candidate for Kingston & the Islands

Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by YGK News Staff

Ted Hsu has been chosen as the next Ontario Liberal Party Candidate for Kingston & the Islands and will run in the next provincial election. Hsu ran against former MPP Sophie Kiwala who had also been seeking the nomination. Hsu made a statement to his supporters earlier today:

Throughout his campaign, Hsu received nominations from several local and Canadian public figures. Hsu won the praise of former Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “Ted Hsu is the rarest of human beings: someone able to bridge the gap between science and politics while also bridging gaps between partisan politicians. It was always a joy to work with him in parliament,” May said in her endorsement.

Hsu was formerly the MP for Kingston & the Islands from May 2011 until October 2015, when current MP Mark Gerretson succeeded him. While only one of 34 Liberal Candidates, Tsu remained active in parliament. Notably, Hsu served as Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Natural Resources committee in 2013.

Hsu held a livestream announcing his win via Facebook livestream earlier today.

Hsu will be seeking to unseat incumbent MPP for Kingston & the Islands to unseat NDP Ian Arthur, who replaced Sophie Kiwala as MPP in 2018.

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