High risk exposure to COVID-19 at Amherstview Public School


The Limestone District School Board has announced a high-risk exposure to COVID-19 at Amherstview Public School. According to the press release, those who are at risk will be asked to self-isolate by KFL&A Public Health.

“KFL&A Public Health is working with the school and Board to identify any additional affected individuals. Not all students or staff will be affected by this exposure,” the LDSB said in a statement.

The school will remain open and disinfect all areas where a exposure may have happened. The board plans to continue cooperating with Public Health.

“We recognize that receiving this information may be stressful and we want to ensure you understand the process going forward. KFL&A Public Health and the school are taking all necessary steps to prevent further spread of the virus both in the school and the community,” the board said.

As of December 17th, there are 5 active COVID-19 cases within the LDSB.


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