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House party in Kingston’s University District receives $200,000 in fines

Kingston Police say that 59 individuals face up to $200,000 in fines after an aggravated nuisance party was declared in Kingston’s University District this weekend. 

The party was held at around 11:30 pm on Friday on the 100 block of Alfred Street. When police appeared on the scene, 40 individuals ran away from police and bylaw officers. In a news release, police noted that loud music was being played and fireworks were shooting from the back deck and door of the residence.

“Between the tenants present and attendees a total of 59 aggravated nuisance party AMPs (Administrative Monetary Penalties), at $2,000 each, were issued through the bylaw and as a result of Mayor Paterson’s recent declaration of an Emergency Order,” wrote Kingston Police in a news release. 

In total, $118,500 administrative monetary penalties were levied and several hosts face a fine of a minimum of 10,000 for hosting or organizing the event, as per the Reopening of Ontario Act (ROA). Additionally, Three males were charged with obstructing police, which carries a $500 fine. Police say that the individuals provided false names.  

In total, Kingston Police and Bylaw Enforcement responded to 210 noise complaints from Friday through to Sunday in the University District. Total charges and penalties between the two agencies were:

  • 6 Criminal Code charges
    • 2 obstruct police
    • 2 breaches of release conditions
    • 1 mischief
    • 1 prowl by night
  • 41 Liquor Licence Act offences
    • 40 open alcohol
    • 1 public intoxication arrest and charge
  • 61 aggravated nuisance party AMPs
  • 13 amplified sound AMPs
  • 2 obstruct AMPs

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