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Banners take a stand against misogyny in the University District

Banners taking a stand against misogyny were hung up across Kingston’s Victoria Park on Saturday morning. 

The signs, posted by community members, are in direct response to misogynistic signs that were hung in the University District on October 16th. 

The misogynistic signs, which were spray-painted on bedsheets, read messages such as: “lockdown your daughters not Kingston,” and “Western guys wish they were Pfizer so they can get inside her.”

The banners taking a stand against misogyny were similarly made with bedsheets, but reads “Please open your eyes to the consequences of your actions.” 

Another reads, “Please, understand that when you threaten my body you take away my voice.” The banners are in response to misogynistic banners that were hung last weekend.

According to one message, the banners represent a direct reaction to the expression of misogyny across Kingston’s University District. “You have made our home unsafe,” the banner says.

Photos by: Max Kislitsyn

On October 18th, Queen’s University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane released a statement saying that action was being taken against the individuals who made the signs under the Student Code of Conduct.

“The signs that appeared on Saturday poison the quality of (the university) environment by unwantedly sexualizing campus life, but more particularly by causing the threat of sexual violence to hang over the heads of women and those vulnerable to harassment and assault in our community,” said Deane.

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