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Sleepy Hollow B&B reopens under new ownership as Ruby Manor Bed and Breakfast

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Just in time for the holidays, Gananoque’s vibrant, emblematic, and historically unique bed and breakfast reopened under new ownership, two weeks ago (November 2021).

Gananoque, On. Ruby Manor Bed and Breakfast officially opened on November 1st, 2021. Unlocked, and updated by new owner Brenda Boudreau (47) who renamed the home to celebrate the arrival, and birth of her first grand-daughter: “she shares the same birth month with me” said Boudreau in an interview with a YGK News Staff. The Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, and such shared birth months inspired the name of the B&B.

This fated union presented itself On March 1st, 2021. Boudreau deeply felt it was time to pack up and move closer to family: “My family and I wanted to purchase property near Kingston as my [eldest] daughter lives there. We thought it was too difficult to visit her on a regular basis from where we were living. When my first grandchild arrived, the need to be close to her grew greater for us. We started searching for a home near Kingston. Then, we came upon the Sleepy Hollow B&B which was for sale.” Said Boudreau in an interview. Boudreau is both a nurse, and business enthusiast. Having worked as a Director of Care, she loved running a business. Managing the B&B seemed like the picture-perfect opportunity to blend those worlds together, a serendipitous occurrence for the entire family.

Brenda and family “were so impressed with the [mansion’s] exceptional beauty and history, [that they] fell in love with the property almost instantly” Boudreau admitted in an interview with a YGK News Staff. Boudreau also gushed about her first visit to Gananoque, admitting to YGK how memorable the town was once departed, “The town has beautiful, serene surroundings, the people are so friendly, and living at the gateway of the Thousand Islands is remarkable. For us, we’re living in our own paradise.”

As she paves her legacy, much like the Skinner’s did years prior, Brenda and family hope to cultivate the vibrancy the building exudes on the outside to the inside

An Ornate Legacy

Ruby Manor Bed and Breakfast, previously The Sleepy Hollow B&B was originally designed by, “architect Frank T. Lent and constructed by the Gananoque firm, Mitchell and Wilson”(Schedule B, Statement of Reason for Designation). Since construction, this exquisite building has been a leading example of the Queen Anne Revival Style in the town of Gananoque, and an illustrious example of the architect’s intricately planned, and artistic handiwork. It is one of a kind, and much like its new owner, warm, vibrant and elegant. Upon completion in 1905, the building reflected a disconnect from recent elite families living in Gananoque, like the Skinner family (first family to own the building as a Bed and Breakfast).

‘The Queen Anne Revival Style’ originated in England during the Victorian period (1860s and 1870’s) as an architectural style favoured by the upper-middle class. Having become popular in the United States before the first world war, this style of building has been described as an amalgamation of differing eras, ranging from the Middle Ages all the way to the Victorian period. Its stain glass windows, pointed roof ends, and obtuse shaped windows, and fixtures, heavily reflect Medieval cathedrals, and High Gothic architecture popular between 1855-1885. Appropriately, defining this kind of style is difficult due to “its eccentricities, and has been described as being exuberant and excessive, fanciful and flamboyant in outlook.” According to Canada’s Historic Places.

Like a Ruby, this building is a gem.

The mansion itself was constructed in 1905 as a three story suburban mansion, and nursing home. It has since been used as an accommodation for tourists, and apartment rentals. It wasn’t until 1999, that the mansion found its current position, when it was adopted by “Don and Marion Matthews in 2001, and later used as Sleepy Hollow Bed and Breakfast in 2002”. (Ontario Heritage Trust, 1, August, 2008).

Having worn many titles, and many hats, this structure has also known and serviced many lives. Housing, and nurturing many war-time veterans, residents of Gananoque, it withholds character beyond its physical age.

Gananoque also happens to be an indigenous name, meaning “between two rivers” or “town of two rivers”.

Amenities and updates

“We want guests to feel rejuvenated and revitalized, taking away a new energy with them.”

When asked if new ownership meant additions, or amendments to the property Boudreau insisted that, “the atmosphere and decor stay true to the uniqueness of the house, built in 1905 and protected as a Heritage Landmark. [Their] goal is to have guests feel welcome enjoying Ruby Manor’s serene, luxurious surroundings”. “We want guests to feel rejuvenated and revitalized, taking away a new energy with them” said Boudreau.    

“Previous guests of Sleepy Hollow can expect the same great atmosphere and service with Ruby Manor. Minor Updated with décor and linens have been made”. Said Boudreau in an interview. Fares range from $159-199 per night, which includes a continental breakfast for each guest, a spacious room each with their own bathroom, a pool table on the 2nd floor, an outside deck on the 2nd floor, an in-room coffee maker, fresh bath robes, and a hairdryer.

“Ruby Manor is steps away from everything Gananoque has to offer! Downtown shopping, a brewery, boat museum, Shorelines Casino, seasonal cruises, great restaurants, Sculpture Park and of course the beautiful Thousand Islands.” Boudreau continued.

Pandemic precautions

Guests are not required to be fully vaccinated to stay at the bed and breakfast, however, it is essential that all meet sanitary standards. More information can be found on the owner’s website for the facility.

“To get to that last image from Ruby Manor is a 3-minute walk. I love to sit here, on the bench by the lighthouse, and watch the water. It’s so serene.” Said Boudreau in an interview with YGK News.

Book your stay

Anyone is welcome to stay at Ruby Manor. Whether visiting for Gananoque’s views, an upscale, but affordable getaway, this bed and breakfast has everything guests need for a comfortable and peaceful stay. Located on the corner of 95 King Street West, forthcoming guests can connect with Ruby Manor, and Brenda herself through Facebook, or email:bboudreau0716@gmail.com This historically elegant B&B also has an updated website where prospective guests can book their stay.

If you wish to learn more about the history of Ruby Manor Bed and Breakfast, and/or book your stay, please click, here. If you want to read more about the origins of Ruby Manor, please click below.


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Land acknowledgement made by the writer

I acknowledge with gratitude, the the land in which I reside and work is the traditional territory of the, Annishinnaabeg, Attawandaron Haudenosaunee, and Lunaapeewak peoples who have rooted relationships to the land, water and region of southwestern, Ontario.

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