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First year RMC cadets arrive on campus

On Sunday, the Royal Military College (RMC) welcomed their first-year cadets to campus as they begin their First Year Orientation Program (FYOP). The cadets marked the beginning of FYOP by marching through the Memorial Arch, which also marks the beginning of their entrance into RMC. 

According to Public Affairs Officer Capt. Jonathan Farlam, one-hundred and ninety-three first-year naval and officer cadets arrived at the Royal Military College (RMC) on Sunday August 21, 2022. Many of the students were joined by their parents who were their to support them as they began their new chapter at RMC.

“The First Year Orientation Program is a demanding yet fulfilling and memorable experience for incoming naval and officer cadets, aimed at developing the skills needed to be successful during their time at RMC and throughout their careers as officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF),” wrote RMC Public Affairs on social media on Monday.

“[It’s] during this program that they will begin to develop teamwork, esprit de corps, time management skills, and the fundamentals of leadership.”

Photo Credit: Photos: S1 Lisa Anne Sheppard Cpl Alex Brisson Avr Makala Rose RMC Public Affairs | Affaires publiques du CMR

FYOP will extend from August 21st to September 17th and during this time, cadets are required to remain on the RMC Campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The FYOP program is full time until September 6, 2022, when the fall academic semester begins. 

“Once classes begin, students only conduct academic activities during the day and orientation program activities continue before or after class,” Captain Farlam told YGK News. 

Prior to their arrival, the majority of RMC naval and officer cadets spent a portion of their summer completing their first module of their Basic Military Qualifications (BMQ). 

“Throughout their time at RMC, naval and officer cadets will spend their summers continuing their military training, including completing the second module of their Basic Military Officer Qualification, and enhancing their knowledge and skills as they move closer towards convocation and commissioning onto their future careers as officers in the CAF,” Captain Farlam said.

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