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Structural fire destroys building on Princess street

A major structural fire broke out last night at the former Gino’s Pizza location on Princess Street. 

Kingston Fire and Rescue began responding to the call at around 10:25 P.M, when at the time there was “heavy smoke and flames.” They battled the flames for about 12 hours. 

Ted Posadowski, Chief Fire Prevention Officer with Kingston Fire and Rescue noted that “active suppression” activities were still underway on Wednesday afternoon. 

Suppression activities included excavating the collapsed roof of the building, which contained several hot spots. At one point, the fire had jumped to an adjacent building, but the flames were quickly put out.

Posadowski also noted that there were reports that individuals may have been inside the building at the time of the fire but they have since been notified that those individuals are okay and there have been no injuries connected to the blaze.

Throughout the excavation, Kingston Police advised that they were closing the road for an indefinite period. “Princess St, between Alfred St & Albert St, will be closed to motorists for an indefinite period of time following a structure fire that occurred in the 500 block of Princess St. Please find an alternate route of travel for your morning commute,” wrote Kingston Police on the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The building has been demolished to ensure that all hot spots were removed. The fire was among three fires that Kingston Fire and Rescue responded to on Tuesday.

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