Queen’s University has announced that its winter 2021 term will be delivered online, much like how it’s currently being delivered.

With a surge in covid-19 cases in Ontario, students and staff were not surprised to hear the news.

In an email delivered to the student body, Provost Mark Green says that “[he] realizes that the decision not to expand our on-campus academic activities in the Winter term will be disappointing to some students. Keeping students, instructors, and staff safe is always our first priority, and regardless of the class delivery format, the University remains committed to ensuring all students receive an equitable and robust learning experience. “

However, the university has said there will be a few exceptions. “A small number of on-campus academic activities will be held based on the need for some students to access specialized facilities, such as labs or clinical settings, and to ensure all students can meet the academic requirements of their programs” Green said.

Faculties will soon be reaching out to students to confirm the course of delivery as their plans become finalized. The communication was not clear about how the courses at the BISC would be delivered, but Green reassured students that they would hear back from them as soon as possible.

Due to the change, access to winter course selections will be suspended between September 23rd until November 8th. Certain room changes will then be available to view.

For first years hoping to residence in the winter, this means that spaces will continue to be prioritized for students “with new or increasing on-campus activities.”

Most universities in Ontario have already or are preparing to announce their plans for Winter 2021. McMaster University announced that they will continue with online delivery in the fall on September 14th. The University of Windsor and University of Ottawa has since followed suit.