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RMC to return 300 First Year Officer Cadets Home amid ‘persistent pandemic conditions’

In a message to the RMC Community today, Commandent S├ębastien Bouchard announced that they would be allowing 300 officer cadets still on campus to return home for the remainder of the fall term.

“After much discussion and consultation, I have made the decision to allow approximately 300 officer cadets currently on campus to remain at home following the upcoming fall study break and for them to continue the academic term remotely, as already being done by the other 800 members of the Cadet Wing,” the statement said.

However, Bouchard assured the community that the university would not be closing. Rather, they would support RMC’s 1100 students who are studying remotely. The college hopes to have the Officer Cadets return in Winter of 2021, as the outlook of the pandemic improves.

“This period will also be used by staff to prepare for the planned return of students this January. Planning is already underway for determining when, who and how cadets will return once pandemic conditions permit in the winter term. I will keep you informed as conditions permit,” the letter said.

Despite the sad news, Bouchard was proud of the First Year Officer’s and what they’ve accomplished. “as cohesive teams, they conquered the famed RMC Obstacle Course. Together, they received their College Coins from members of the Old Brigade. And like generations of RMC officer cadets before, they stood proudly on the RMC parade square a few weeks ago to be badged officially and forever as members of the Cadet Wing and the RMC family,” the statement said.

Over the week, the exhaust process will begin, bags will begin to be packed and RMC will begin to coordinate the movement of each cadet.

This decision comes as cases have risen in Kingston over the past few weeks and Ontario announced covid-19 rates averaging between 500 and 600 per day. There are over 5,000 active cases in Ontario.

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