Friday, May 17, 2024
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Polson Park Public School investigating possible COVID-19 case

On Wednesday, the Limestone District School Board advised that there is a potential case of COVID-19 at Polson Park Public School. As a result, KFLA Public Health has sent a cohort home out of “an abundance of caution.” The school board has indicated that the schools will remain open.

“KFL&A Public Health is reaching out to students and staff who may have been in close contact with the person being investigated,” the statement said. In the interest of maintaining privacy, the board will not identify the persons that have received positive COVID-19 tests, should they be confirmed.

The statement reiterated that not all students and staff will be affected by the exposure.

Additionally, “Families are encouraged to continue to monitor and screen students daily for symptoms of COVID-19 as most cases of COVID-19 are acquired in the home setting,” the letter added. “Please continue to follow all public health guidelines which include maintaining physical distance, wearing face coverings, and cleaning your hands frequently.”

The full release can be found here.

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