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Ontario MPP likens lockdown measures to being under Nazi rule

Independent MPP Randy Hillier has once again sparked outrage on social media following a controversial post. This time, Hillier likened Ontario’s 28 day  “emergency break measure” to being under Nazi rule, causing an uproar on social media. 

 “The Third ….wave. Everyone who has ever been to the sea, knows there is no end to waves. It’s only 28 days this time. Truth does not mind being questioned. Lies do not like to be challenged. #onpoli#WeAreLivingaLie#nomorelockdowns,” the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP wrote in a Tweet on Thursday. 

Hillier, who has been outspoken about Ontario’s lockdown measures, quickly drew criticism from thousands across the political spectrum. “This parallel is profoundly insulting to the millions who perished at the hands of a tyrannical Nazi regime,” said education minister Stephen Lecce on Twitter today. 

NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky for Windsor West also denounced the tweet. “I cannot state this strongly enough, that narrative is not only dangerous but insensitive & hurtful to survivors of the Holocaust & the families who still mourn. I have reported his tweet,” said Gretzky. 

The post also drew criticism from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), who said “perpetuating false equivalencies about the Holocaust is dangerous. These comparisons minimize the intentional and industrialized mass murder of millions, carried out by the Nazis and their supporters.”

The Independent MPP is a self described “true believer of freedom, justice and democracy.” Hillier was temporarily suspended from Twitter last month, following a string of controversial tweets that encouraged his followers to shame mask wearers. The controversial MPP also alleged that “there is no pandemic” and that “we were duped.”

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