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Kingston aerospace defence contractor ACF Associates acquired by Peterborough’s Loomex Group

By: Brendan Burke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Loomex Group, a Peterborough-headquartered company that provides an array  of services in aviation and aerospace, infrastructure, emergency management and  education, has acquired Kingston-based aerospace defence consulting group ACF  Associates Inc.

The deal, effective Monday, will help the Loomex Group realize its vision of  serving North American and global aviation and aerospace industries, says Trent  Gervais, Loomex’s president and CEO. 

“We are thrilled about our new partnership with ACF Associates. The  acquisition aligns with The Loomex Group’s current business as well as our  company’s overall strategic plan,” Gervais stated in a release. 

The Loomex Group is contracted by the City of Peterborough to manage the  Peterborough Airport and is contracted to run the City of Kawartha Lakes Airport  in Lindsay. Loomex manages eight airports in Ontario and Alberta. 

Gervais noted the similarities between the two companies — both Loomex and  ACF Associates adhere to a business model that “focuses on providing clients  with leading-edge solutions.” 

“This partnership will add valuable expertise to the Loomex Group’s aerospace  division and enable both companies to further diversify and better support our  government and our private sector clientele,” Gervais stated.

No purchase price was disclosed by the companies. The combined company will  be headquartered out of the Loomex offices at the Peterborough Airport.

The current services offered by ACF Associates will not be impacted by the  acquisition, according to the release. The ACF executive team will “remain at  the helm” while continuing to provide management solutions to its customers, it  states. 

“The company will continue to offer its services at the same high level of  quality while simultaneously embracing the opportunity to expand and bring  innovation and expertise into related fields that it has not previously  explored,” the release stated. 

After supporting agencies in the aerospace defence sector across Canada for  the last 15 years, ACF president Andy Fitzgerald and vice-president Andrea  Crossland said in a joint statement the acquisition will create new  opportunities for the next decade-and-a-half and beyond by laying the bedrock  for future growth. 

“We are extremely excited to begin ACF’s next chapter by being a part of the  larger Loomex Group family,” they stated. 

The two echoed Gervais’ comments, adding that the two companies are in step  with one another when it comes to their operational principles and business  approach. 

Loomex says the move to acquire ACF solidifies its place as an aerospace and  aviation leader in North America and abroad. 

Established in 2006 — three years before Loomex — ACF Associates is an  independent consulting company that specializes in aircraft support for civilian  and government aerospace industry.

Brendan Burke is a staff reporter at the Examiner. His reporting is funded by  the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. Reach him at  bburke@metroland.com.

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